Use the maximum advantage of Exmint Limited through the partnership program! If you want to earn more, join the team of company promoters. Each registered user of the website has a unique partnership link. Use this link for the promotion of our online platform and the registration of new investors. You will be rewarded for your activity!

Standard Members

Regular affiliate commission works on 3 levels – 10-7- 5 % - meaning that you will also be able to benefit from your referrals' referrals. You don't need an active investment to earn it.

Representative Members

The Representatives Program's main concept is the same as it is for regular program; the main difference is that you can earn twice as much from it on all 3 levels – 15-10- 5 %. Besides your referral link that you can send to your friends, in your account you will find additional tools in the form of advertising banners to attract new investors. You can use these banners on any sites which are accessible to you online and are associated with online investments. 

How to become a Regional Representative?

Please contact representatives@exmint.co for application with your personal details. In order to become our company's Regional Representative you have to have the ability to support and promote our project in your region, via organizing seminars, blog post, videos etc.